Rapid Response Needed

The 2020 Census has proven to be extraordinarily challenging. Although all households can now respond by phone and online, several challenges threaten participation:

  • the coronavirus pandemic
  • efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants from final tallies
  • misinformation regarding the proposed citizenship question
  • the unexpected early conclusion of door-to-door census tabulation, with completion scheduled for September 30th instead of October 31, 2020

We invite immigrant advocacy groups to use the resources and guidelines below to promote a complete count among immigrant communities. For advice on partnering with a local library on programming, contact us at countedinproject@gmail.com.


Library Partnership Ideas

  • Promotional video on information literacy and the Census
  • Collaborative conference call or town hall session on the 2020 Census in your community
  • Virtual Teach-In on the 2020 Census featuring library material
  • Webinar on how Census data is used you to strength local resources such as libraries
  • Podcast or radio segment on the role of libraries in communities and the importance of Census participation

Other Suggested Action

  • Tell Congress: Extend the Census Reporting Deadline petition from The Leadership Conference
  • Tell Congress: Protect the Census and ensure a full count petition from Color of Change
  • Issue a Statement in opposition to the effort to shortchange census operations that count immigrant households. 
  • Write an OpEd on the harm of an inaccurate and incomplete census on your community. 
  • Send an Action Alert to your members reminding them of the urgency of census participation. 
  • Design a media campaign to address and counter intentional census misinformation
  • Encourage members of your organization to volunteer as a Count Captains for their neighborhood, place of worship, sports team.
  • Contact your local Complete Count Committee to see how you can help promote census participation among those whom you advocate for.

Suggested Social Media Talking Points

“Congress has a constitutional responsibility to ensure an accurate census. This process can not be rushed nor weaponized.” #Census2020 @GoCountedIn

“The Trump administration wants to rush 2020 Census operations despite evidence that this is harmful. An early end to non-response follow-up is unethical and politically-motivated. We must resist injustice by making sure our communities are counted.” #Census2020 @GoCountedIn

“If the Census Bureau doesn’t have the time it needs for a thorough enumeration of households, the socioeconomic conditions that impact immigrants will get worse. Let’s demonstrate force by being counted in.” #Census2020 @GoCountedIn